23 September 2004

The Random-nater

The new fall TV season is underway. I have less time to watch than in the past and there are only a few shows I seem to want to watch anyway. Smallville's fourth season started last night. I had to tape it. I'll watch it this afternoon. It'll be interesting to see how they pick up the story as last season ended with two main characters gone(?) and Clark's fate, literally, up in the air. It's a total teen show but I'm hooked.

PBS' The Question of God two-part series was excellent. It took a look at two diametrically opposed views on the world. Freud's athiesm versus C.S. Lewis' Christianity. IMO, (biased as it is) Lewis' viewpoint comes across as the only rational option. I applaud PBS for tackling such a subject and for their fairness.

Other shows I need to keep up on or want to try to catch: Scrubs, Joan of Arcadia, (jeez, am I a fifteen-year-old girl or what!?) Listen Up, Total Savages, Clubhouse. I'm not all that impressed with Joey but Everybody Loves Raymond got off to a surprising start this season.

I've really got to start reading more and watching less TV.

We're going to see Metallica in St. Louis on Saturday. This is our anniversary and birthday gifts to each other as concert tickets now cost the price of our first-born child. Terribly romantic, I know, but my wife wants to see them just as much, if not more, than I do. It should be cool but I do have to get up the next morning to lead worship at church (shhh... don't tell my mom) so I'm wearing earplugs. Maybe I'll surprise the congregation with an acoustic rending of Creeping Death … or not. :-)

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