27 September 2004


Photos from MetOnTour

Mike Weisensteiner, his wife Gina, Shannon and I took in a fine evening of music Saturday in St. Louis, MO. We left any concept of high culture at the door though. Metallica was in town! shannon and I decided that this would be birthday gifts and an anniversary gift because of the insane ticket prices (I know, I know, I'm a real romantic aren't I? Hey, she thought it was a good idea and had a blast!)

Although I didn't care for their most recent album, St. Anger, they showed that they are still one of the best live, hard rock bands around. Unfortunately, St. Louis is one of two shows not available for download via Metallica's 'official bootleg' series (something about electromagnetic field interference - not that I know what that is).. That kind of stinks big time for me. The sound was one of the best I've ever heard at an arena show. The people at the Savvis Center in St. Louis must have had some good sound engineers at hand when they built it.
The stage setup was in the round. It was recctangular stage with two risers in the middle and that part and Lars' drumset spun around the stage so that every part of the arena was in view of them by the end of the show. Very cool lights and explosions all thorughout the show.
Here are some of my thoughts from the show with the setlist.

BlackenedAwesome opening song. From the … And Justice For All album. I thought I would wear earplugs (and did occasionally) but I had to take them out for this,
Fuel — James warms up the crowd. "give me a M, give me a E, give me a T, give me a A, give me a L, Gimmie fuel, gimmie fire, gimmie that which I desire. Killer song!
Wherever I May Roam — Glad they played this one. Didn't think they would.
Leper Messiah — The first of many from the Master of Puppets album.
Frantic — I hate the sound of the St. Anger album but this was awesome live. Kirk even added a small solo that was missing from the album version.
I Disappear — I loved this one! such a cool groove and a simplistic but fitting solo from Kirk.
Disposable Heroes — Surprised to hear this one. The crowd ate it up though
St. Anger — Could've done with or without this one but it was cool to hear without trashy-sounding drums screwing it up. Very cool mosh-pit happening during heavy parts of this song.
Fade To Black — Re-found my appreciation for the solos in this song.
Master of Puppets — Heavy chanting of 'Mast-uh, Mast-uh!' Very fun.
Damage Inc. — Didn't recognize this one at first. i hadn't heard this in a LONG time. The crowd ate it up though.
-------- (encore 1)
No Leaf Clover — From the album with the symphony S&M. Still sounded good without the orchestra, maybe even better.
Nothing Else Matters — Mostly James solo. Could've lived without this one again.
Sad But True — Happy to hear this one. Crowd was really into this one. James' rhythm work is unbelievable.
One — they nailed this one. i've heard them get sloppy with it but they really executed it Saturday. The lights and explosions before the song were a bit too much but cool.
Enter Sandman — The anthem of the night. huge crowd sing-along.
-------- (encore 2)
Blitzkrieg — Not very familiar with this one. Off of Garage, Inc. I wish they would've played Creeping Death here. Oh well.
Seek And Destroy — Cool ending song. Of course they inserted "St. Louis" in the line "Scanning the scene in the city tonight."

Here are a couple of other photos from the show.

I sawe them once before on the Load tour in 1997 and this was just as good I think. Of course I'm 27 now and not as easily impressed so who can tell? :-)
Check out this St. Louis Post-Dispatch review to see a "professional's" opinion on the show.
Godsmack was the opener. They were pretty good. The singer needs to watch his mouth though :-)

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