11 August 2004


I haven't gotten near enough sleep over the past few nights. It's really only a matter of going to bed earlier. There's always something to keep me up it seems. My eyes are getting heavy sitting in front of this computer at work. Anybody got a good suggestion for waking up (besides drinking coffee - blech!)?

I was in our community's Strassenfest (a town's celebration of its German heritage and an excuse for a lot of people to get really loaded at the beer garden) parade over the weekend. I haven't been in one since I was in Jr. High. Our church band played on a float. It was an outreach-type idea to the community. I think it went over pretty well. We made a lot of noise at least and we got to cover Switchfoot's Meant to Live about a half dozen times along the route. As weird as it may sound, it was quite fun. We got some puzzled looks but we got a lot more smiles and head-nodding along with the music and quite a few thumbs-up from the community. I think it was a good idea. Read more about it here.

My sister is getting married in a little more than a week down in Nashville. I am supposed to scan in a bunch of photos for a slide show. I was expecting her to send me 20-30 total. I got about 70. I guess I'll be busy on that this week as I've only scanned in about 6 so far. I love Nashville(I lived there for 5 years) and I wish we could stay a little bit longer but this is a wedding-only type trip for the most part. I may be able to see a few people while we are there though. Hopefully.

My 1-year-old daughter is a wildcat. She is going through the 'pull everything out' phase. Everything that isn't bolted down is going to get scattered. I installed some child latches on cabinets the other night. If you ever want to hear me curse, come to my house while I'm doing some sort of home repair. The Super Handyman, I am not. I hate it but I really wish I was better at that type of stuff. I did manage to fix my broken toilet a week back with some assistance from drummer Mike Weisensteiner (tied for fifth on the Bonus Points Board). I was pretty proud of myself for that one.

My wife is now a blonde. She bleached her hair a few weeks back. It took some getting used to but it looks nice I think. I still say she married lower than she could have. ;-)

I read some Flannery O'Conner for the first time over the past few weeks. She's a great storyteller and she often uses the South as a setting, which is nice.

TV sucks in the summer. It's pretty bad when I would rather watch 4 re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond on TBS than new programming on the other channels.

There are a few new albums out that I want to listen to but, since CD money is not even on the family budget, I'll have to hear about it from you all. Anybody heard the post-Creed group Alter Bridge yet? (No smarmy comments, Copeland) ;-) How about the Nickel Creek/Toad the Wet Sprocket mash-up Mutual Admiration Society?

Hope everyone is healthy, wealthy and wise.

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