04 August 2004

Metallica: Some Kind of Trashy-Sounding Drums


I read with interest this article about Metallica's new documentary Metallica: Some Kind of Monster over at USA Today's site. I don't know if it will come to my area but I really want to see it. It'll be interesting to see how this massive organization operates on a human level. I hear there are screaming matches between bandmates and it chronicles the almost-breakup of the world's best hard-rock band. One quote I found interesting was this:

"Our film is about the human wreckage that results from the incompleteness people feel when they are treated as icons. It demystifies the mythology of rock stars, and of this band in particular."

I was always the kind of guy who really dug rock stars. I can't condone the lives many of them lead but I always thought they were so cool. I've come to realize, of course, that these people are probably more screwed up than the rest of us, they just have a lot more money than we do. Just watch any Behind the Music for proof.

On a related Metallica note, their latest album St. Anger has been out for some time now and I still haven't gotten into it like I have all other Metallica albums. I just can't get past the thrown-together style of it all. I know drummer Lars Ulrich is always talking about how they were really being rebels by putting out this album, but I can't say that I care much for his argument. It sounds horrible. (For those who haven't heard it, imagine a Internet radio stream on a 56k modem and that's what the album sounds like. Very lo-fi)
The songs have raw potential if they were worked on a bit more. I feel like I bought a Metallica demo tape. The songs are too long and repeat too many sections. Lars' drums sound like he is beating on a trash can lid. James' vocals sound like Take One on every track. And there are NO SOLOS from Kirk. That's like putting Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in a Pinto. It just ain't right.
I haven't seen new bassist Rob Trujillo play live yet but I can't imagine him being able to replace Jason Newstead in terms of sheer manic energy on stage.
I guess time rolls on and so do my favorite bands.

Article found via Thunderstruck

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