17 August 2004

Insanity in Dubois County

I wish the paper where I work had an active, updated Web site (Alas, it's a total money-loser here and they can better spend that money on folks like me, IMO) :-). If they did, I could share the story of a guy who robbed the local Holiday Inn at 3 a.m. this morning. His disguise? He put flesh-colored putty all over his face.
This is the second robbery in Jasper (population approx. 13,000) in as many months. The first guy robbed a local Fifth Third Bank. His disguise? A cap that said 'Gone Fishin' and sunglasses. What he did with the money is even more pathetic. Apparently, he was about to be evicted from his home along with his mother (who he lived with) and they had a stack of unpaid medical bills to boot. His solution? Rob a bank then take that money to the casino in Evansville to try and double it. Well, things don't always go as planned. He lost nearly all of the money at the riverboat and everyone in his hometown recognized his picture from the security camera photo so he decides he'll shave off his mustache so that he can elude authorities for a bit.
He was nabbed the next day at home.

Whatever happened to robbers using ski masks?

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