02 August 2004

Another Reason Not To See Fahrenheit 9/11

Check out this article:

"My Problem with Fahrenheit 9/11" A military parent takes issue—strongly—with Michael Moore's controversial documentary, especially its portrayal of men and women in uniform. By Frank Schaeffer

I will gladly admit that I haven't seen Michael Moore's, um, "documentary." I have no plans to give the man even a fraction of a cent of my money. i've resited blogging on it because a.) I haven't seen it and b.) talking about it only drives more people to the theaters. However, I feel the hype has died down enough to link to this piece.

My brother, Marine Cpl. Steve Ross, served in Iraq. He saw the movie. He was not happy with Moore's portrayal of the military either.

The key few graphs are:
We never hear about patriotism, let alone loyalty to other soldiers. We never hear about our soldiers who were killed because they hesitated to shoot at enemies hiding behind civilians. Moore shows us the anomalies, not the mainstream. We see exploited African-American youth and white crackers and a few conscientious objector types. What we don't see is the real military majority—typical kids of all ethnic backgrounds who want to give something back to the country they honor.

Moore has every right to say whatever he wants about President Bush, to make him look like a simpering fool. Politics is hardball. He even makes some excellent points about our naive American relationship with the Saudis, and about our staggering lack of adequate response when we sent only 10,000 men to Afghanistan and missed our shot at bin Laden. He also comes close to telling the truth about the hysterical paranoia that leads to grandmothers being frisked in airports while nothing much is done about our real enemies.

But it's hard to take Moore's approach to the pre-invasion Iraq seriously—happy footage of happy children before the Americans bomb them. There is no sign of mass graves or gassed Kurds. Moore makes Saddam's Iraq look like an Islamic Disneyland.

I'm trying to keep politics off of Alien Soil as much as possible. I get my fill of it at work. I did think this was an excellent commentary though.

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