23 July 2004

Weekend Reading

I'll have a busy weekend so here are some links to entertain, inform and generally keep you occupied this weekend.

Get Religion has a plethora of topics for those of you interested in the coverage of religion in the media. Here are a few:

With God, and the Times, on his side (Creeping Fundamentalism XI)
Kristof lashed out at the pop theology of the "Left Behind" novels and, to get specific about it, offer his opinion that its vision of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was bloody dangerous to the world as the New York Times understands it.

Nearing end of the road: Christian p()rn, Passion and a digital mystery
Anyone with the nerve to create XXXChurch.com is going to get attention, especially if they keep calling it "the No. 1 Christian P()rn Site."

Speaking of xxxchurch.com, I added a link to their accountability software in my links sidebar to your right. These guys shock a lot of folks but I think they are doing God's work for men (and some women even).

As always, check out The Thinklings and Mysterium Tremendum for some well-written, thought-provoking stuff.

Jeremy has added a Bush-ism of the day for those Bush supporters with a sense of humor.

I'll be playing softball and the guitar for much of this weekend. Have a good one.

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