19 July 2004

Can A Music Player Change Your Life?

Check out this Newsweek story. iPod Nation: In just three years, Apple’s adorable mini music player has gone from gizmo to life-changing cultural icon

I love my iPod. In one of my posts, I referred to my iPod as the most important material thing I own. I guess if I was being honest, my car or house would be on that list but I also know that my iPod has changed the way that I listen to music and it has helped my health as well. Let's consider …

Since I got my 20 GB iPod and have put 4,617 songs on it:

— I've started paying for my downloads (this was partially because of my conscience as well) ;-)
— I've started walking the 3/4 of a mile to work. That's one trip to work, one trip home for lunch, one trip back to work and a final trip home. That's roughly three miles on a given work day. Because of this, I've shed a few pounds and am starting to feel a little bit better about myself (physically). I'm still no specimen to be envied, but all the same, a few pounds is a few pounds that I didn't need.
— I'm not much of an album listener anymore. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but now, I mostly am a single-song listener who puts together multiple playlists. It's like my own personal radio station for whatever mood I'm in and where every song is one I like. Very cool.
— The iTrip FM Tansmitter that I bought makes my IPod capable of playing through my home stereo or in my car. No more burning mix CDs in preparation for trips to Tennessee or Georgia. So, I'm not burning as many CDs anymore. Just make a playlist and let it ride. Shannon and I have combined our favorites for a playlist called, well, "Our Favorites." It's a family affair. (Of course, she thinks I'm a bit too zealous about my iPod but she will still acknowledge that it is a cool gadget.)

I know the iPod is a total luxury item and one that I don't need but it is quite fun to have. I highly suggest getting one if you are in the market for a digital music player.

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